Water and Rain Effects

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At Real SFX, we specialise in bringing the elements to life on your set with unparalleled precision and adaptability. Whether you need a gentle drizzle or a dramatic torrential downpour, our state-of-the-art overhead rain rigs are designed to meet every requirement of your production.

With configurations ranging from a compact 20ft rectangle to an expansive 20ft x 20ft square, we cater to scenes of any scale at any location. The system’s design ensures a complete 365-degree rain footprint, providing maximum coverage for your scenes. This is perfect for capturing wide-angle shots or dynamic tracking shots where consistent weather portrayal is crucial to the narrative or plot.

A Spectrum of Rain Effects

We can control the weather on your set with our extensive selection of nozzles. Our rigs can simulate anything from light rainfall to a full-blown monsoon. Each nozzle is engineered to deliver specific types of rain, enabling you to add just the right atmospheric touch to your scenes.

Our technology ensures that every drop of rain looks authentic, whether it’s a background sprinkle or the main event of a stormy scene. Our solutions range from rain stands and large overhead rain systems to tip tanks and wet downs. If you have a specific vision for how you want to convey the water elements of your shot, we can support you throughout the design phase, ensuring we bring your exact vision to life.

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Other Elemental Effects

As well as water, our team of technicians can create a variety of other elemental effects, including snow, mist, wind and steam.

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Sherlock - Real SFX Atmos Effects

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Sherlock - Real SFX Water Effects

Behind the Scene
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Real SFX - Doctor Who Behind the Scenes

The Crimson Horror - Goo & Steam Effects

Atmospherics Tailored to Your Production Needs

At Real SFX, we are dedicated to helping directors and cinematographers achieve the perfect atmospheric conditions for their narrative. Contact us today to learn how we can help you control the weather inside your next production.