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Our skilled special effects team

Company Director

Based in our HQ, Carmela leads our training, recruitment, sustainability, and business development initiatives. With a strategic vision and unwavering dedication, she spearheads the company’s efforts to cultivate talent, foster sustainable practices, and expand its reach in the industry. Carmela’s expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that Real SFX remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering exceptional results while maintaining a focus on environmental responsibility and professional growth. Her leadership drives the company forward, forging new opportunities and helping shape the future of special effects in the entertainment industry.

Arran Glassar
SFX Prep Supervisor

Arrran holds over 15 years of experience in the industry and all areas of SFX, including international productions, live events and long-running TV shows. Arran acts as a critical link between the many departments at SFX and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless preparation and execution of SFX on sets and productions. He is responsible for overseeing the pre-production phase. He meticulously plans and organises all aspects of SFX, including coordinating with the production team to understand creative requirements, sourcing materials and equipment, and leading our technicians in preparing practical effects, props, and equipment. Arran ensures that all elements are ready on time and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Dan Bentley
Senior SFX Technician

Dan has almost 20 years of experience in Special Effects. He is fully graded with the joint industry grading scheme for both physical special effects and Pyrotechnics. He has been with Real SFX right from the start and has worked all over the world on high-end productions such as Marvel films, Jurassic World, Disney features, and a vast number of TV productions. He specialises in Pyrotechnics, both large-scale and close artist proximity, firing and initiation design, and mechanical rigs. Dan is mainly involved with prep and builds across all the productions we cover.

Faye Robinson
Production Manager

Faye is a seasoned Production Manager behind the scenes at Real SFX with a wealth of experience. Her meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organisational skills ensure that every project runs smoothly from conception to completion. Within Real SFX HQ, Faye is responsible for organising schedules, managing budgets, handling permits, paperwork, communications, and much more – whilst also providing crucial support to the production team and troubleshooting any challenges.

Warwick Boole
Senior SFX Technician

An experienced SFX Technician with over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry, Warwick has been part of Real SFX since 2012. He is a highly regarded Senior SFX Technician. Warwick specialises in crafting breakaway and soft replica furniture, props, and scenery designed for explosion effects and stunts. His expertise ensures the safe and realistic execution of complex special effects scenes​.

Will Houghman
SFX Technician

Will began his journey with Real SFX through an SGIL Cymru apprenticeship, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for special effects. After completing his apprenticeship, Will stayed with us full-time and has gone from strength to strength. He won the Creative Industries Award & Outstanding Apprentice of the Year at the 2024 Cardiff and Vale College Apprenticeship Awards. He was also recognised as one of the ‘100 Technicians: We Make the Difference’ and was awarded The Royal Society Hauskbee Award in 2023. Will’s role as an SFX Technician involves him being involved in the preparation, creation, and execution of our practical effects on set, including installing, rigging, and setting up atmospherics.

Charlie Harper
SFX Safety Advisor

Charlie serves as the Safety Advisor at Real SFX. In this critical role, Charlie ensures that all special effects operations adhere to strict safety standards, safeguarding the crew and talent during complex and potentially hazardous effects setups. His expertise helps maintain a secure working environment while enabling the creative team to execute spectacular and dynamic special effects safely​. Charlie has a wealth of experience within the industry, working on films including Star Wars, Skyfall, and the Dark Knight Rises, to name a few.

Vicki Jones
Finance Manager

With over 14 years of Financial experience across various roles and industries, Vicki joined Real SFX in 2023. As Finance Manager at Real SFX, Vicki’s role is central to the financial health and success of the company. She is responsible for overseeing all financial operations, managing budgets, monitoring expenses, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations. She provides valuable insights to support decision-making and drive financial efficiency.

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