Real SFX Launches KIT4CREW Initiative, Promoting Sustainable Workwear for the Screen Industry

We at Real SFX are thrilled to announce the launch of KIT4CREW, a pioneering initiative supported by Bectu and CULT Cymru, designed to repurpose high-quality, unused workwear for the screen workforce. This new project aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity within the film and television industry.

KIT4CREW is our response to the pressing sustainability challenges within the screen sector. By recycling professional workwear, we provide essential resources to those new to the industry or those who may be constrained by budgetary limitations. This initiative not only mitigates waste but also supports the next generation of industry professionals, ensuring they have the necessary attire on set.

Danny Hargreaves, Company Director at REAL SFX, shared his enthusiasm:

“Launching KIT4CREW has been a very fulfilling experience. It stems from what we frequently witness on set—crew members lacking proper workwear for various reasons. This initiative is a step towards reducing our environmental impact and fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry.”

Carwyn Donovan, Negotiations Officer at Bectu, expressed strong support for the initiative: 

“We are delighted to back KIT4CREW and its goal to promote sustainability and enhance support within the screen industry. By uniting as a sector, we can significantly reduce waste and help those facing barriers to entering the industry.”

Studios, productions, and individuals are encouraged to contribute to this sustainable initiative by donating workwear that is no longer needed. Collection bins will be placed on set, and those in need can access the donated items by coordinating on set, scanning QR codes on the bins, or reaching out via

How to Get Involved

We are currently accepting donations of the following clean and well-maintained items:

  • Thermal jackets
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Thick jumpers
  • Brand-new socks
  • Wellies (equipped with grips)
  • Hats and pairs of gloves
  • Trousers, leggings, etc.
  • Thermals
  • Gilets and other outerwear items

To be part of this sustainable initiative, studios, productions, and individuals are encouraged to contact us at Whether you’re looking to contribute or in need of items, we’re here to help.

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