Prosthetics and Lifecasting

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At Real SFX, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of character makeup and bespoke prosthetic creation.

We offer an extensive range of prosthetic solutions, such as detailed character makeup, custom-made prosthetics, and a variety of wounds.

These are alongside effects like gore, medical simulations, and blood rigs. We specialise in creating highly realistic prosthetic elements, perfect for use in close-up camera shots, including life-like babies, stunt bodies, and detailed body replicas.

Breaking the Mould in Lifecasting

Lifecasting forms the foundation of our new department, a technique that involves making three-dimensional replicas of the human body using advanced moulding and casting methods. 

This practice ensures an exceptional level of detail and realism, crucial for our high-quality stunt bodies and bespoke prosthetics. Our facilities are also available to collaborate with other companies seeking to utilise our expert services.

Dummy and Body Hire

Our team can create a diverse range of dummies and body props, with our body hire service providing productions with cost-effective ways to add “bodies” to their scenes. Whether you need a prosthetic baby for a heartwarming scene, or a bloody limb for a horrific narrative, the RealSFX team can create a hyper-realistic solution
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