Model Making

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Soft props and replica builds are vital components of the special effects industry. The team at Real SFX excels in recreating any real-life structures that frequently need to be burned or blown up in productions.

From single low cost items to entire sets, we can build anything you can imagine at our purpose-built premises here in South Wales.

Our Expert Model-making Team

Our on-site team of expert craftsmen and engineers extends their services beyond television, crafting props for various sectors, including theme parks and museums. Their skills have resulted in Real SFX props being used in some of the biggest blockbuster films and popular TV series in recent times.

Whether it’s Cybermen heads or soft collapsible roofs and pillars, our team can replicate any item to meet specific requirements.

Leveraging a blend of traditional craftsmanship and advanced 3D rendering and printing technologies, we can create an extensive array of models and parts for a diverse range of narratives and purposes.

Additionally, we provide a broad selection of soft and firm replica props, ranging from tools and weapons to any specialised objects needed for production.

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