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The KIT4CREW initiative is a forward-thinking project launched by Real SFX in collaboration with Bectu and CULT Cymru, aimed at repurposing unused or surplus workwear for the Creative Industries.

KIT4CREW aims to address the industry’s sustainability challenges by recycling top-quality professional items. By repurposing workwear, KIT4CREW not only reduces clothing/workwear waste but also goes someway in supporting the next generation of talent entering the screen industry, ensuring that they have appropriate and essential workwear on set.

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How it Works

This initiative, which we launched in 2024,  serves as an excellent platform for recycling high-quality professional gear in an environmentally sustainable manner, ensuring accessibility for everyone, particularly those new to the industry or working within a limited budget.

“This initiative came about by real experiences which we frequently see on sets where Crew haven’t got the right workwear for a variety of reasons – whether it’s because they are on a tight budget or new to the industry. The initiative aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility while also fostering inclusivity within the industry, and we believe that by making high-quality workwear accessible to everyone, we can create a more equitable and sustainable future for the screen industry.” – Danny Hargeaves, Company Director.

RealSFX - Kit4Crew | BECTU | Cult CYMRU

We Welcome Your Kit Contributions!

We are currently accepting donations of the following clean and well-maintained items:

  • Thermal jackets
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Thick jumpers
  • Brand-new socks
  • Wellies (equipped with grips)
  • Hats and pairs of gloves
  • Trousers, leggings, etc.
  • Thermals
  • Gilets and other outerwear items
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Get Involved

To be part of this sustainable initiative, studios, productions, and individuals are encouraged to contact us at Whether you’re looking to contribute or in need of items, we’re here to help.