Special Effects Technician

Location: Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham

Our team is growing and we are looking for Special Effects Technician’s to join us in Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham. These roles are ideal for someone with experience in SFX or for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals looking to start a career in the world of SFX. If you’re creative or good with your hands, maybe working in a different industry or with TV or live events experience, and want to join this exciting industry we’ll provide all the training you need to succeed! As a Special Effects Technician you’ll be responsible for producing rigs and effects in line with Supervisor specifications and production requirements, as well as preparation, construction, and execution of various effects (in-line with technical specifications and health and safety regulations).


  • Assist the Senior Technician and Supervisor in the preparation, construction, and execution of required effects
  • Understand and become familiar with effects equipment, materials, and devices
  • Maintain awareness of all safety aspects involved in Special Effects, including HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and other applicable legal requirements
  • Follow instructions from the Supervisor or Senior Technician in charge
  • Ensure a Pyrotechnic Senior Technician or Pyrotechnic Supervisor is always present when handling, operating, or initiating materials or equipment involved in Pyrotechnic and Fire effects
  • Adhere to all safety aspects involved in the work 
  • Maintain a comprehensive record of work experience, signed off by the Supervisor/Senior Technician as required
  • Keep the Supervisor and Senior Technician informed regarding progress and problems, taking necessary action to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Conduct on-site maintenance, ensuring all machinery, equipment, and effects are kept in good working order and can be operated safely
  • Maintain a logbook recording the work undertaken and techniques used, as documented proof of experience for promotion to Senior Technician.

Must haves:

  • Strong Health and Safety awareness
  • Lateral thinking and the ability to make things work in a safe and controlled way
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to give and accept direction as required.

Nice to haves:

  • Familiarity with Special Effects equipment and materials, including their safe operation and use.

If you are passionate about SFX and excited about the opportunity to work with one of the UK’s leading companies, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your CV along with a covering letter to our Company Director, Carmela, at

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