Special Effects Senior Technician

The Senior Technician will assist the Supervisor in the preparation, construction and execution of Special Effects as required. They will usually be in control of the floor or Special Effects workshop, and will co-ordinate the team of Special Effects Technicians and Trainees, providing practical, aesthetic and economic solutions to any problems encountered. They will work closely with the Special Effects Supervisor, Director, Production Designer and Stunt Co-ordinator to create the desired effects, and may advise the most practical means of achieving these effects. Extensive liaison with the Art Department may also be necessary to ensure continuity of the theme of the production throughout any props and effects used. They may work from technical drawings and sketches and must be able to construct suitable effects from technical specifications. Senior Technicians also need to maintain a logbook recording the work undertaken and techniques used. This is then used as documented proof of experience when seeking promotion to Supervisor.

Must have a good working knowledge of camera angles, lenses, along with a thorough knowledge of the different types of special effects available. A thorough knowledge of Health and Safety regulations is essential, as is common sense and attention to detail. Must be able to formulate innovative ideas and communicate these to others. Excellent communication skills and the ability to give and accept direction are essential.

Please submit your CV along with a covering letter to our recruitment manager ( for review. If your background and experience fit with the requirements of the positions offered, you will be contacted for interview when a position becomes available.

Responsibilities of the Senior Technician

  • To assist the Supervisor in the preparation, construction and execution of the effects required.
  • When required, to liase with other department heads on the Supervisor’s behalf – Fire Officer, 1st. Asst. Director and where applicable Company Insurers, to a point where he/she is satisfied that all necessary safety requirements have been implemented and agreed.
  • To be aware of the script breakdowns, scheduling and budgetary constraints upon the department.
  • To have a working knowledge of camera angles and lenses so that they can advise on how best to capture the effect when it is to be shot.
  • To be able to discuss the effects in a competent and professional manner with the Producer/Director, the Director of Photography and the Stunt Co-ordinator and not to be pressured into anything the Senior Technician may consider to be unsafe.
  • To be capable of taking control of the effects departments when necessary.
  • Where applicable to maintain and control the effects workshop.
  • To make themselves fully aware of all safety aspects involved in Special Effects and any HSE (Health & Safety Executive), COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and other legal requirements that are applicable.
  • To continue to keep a comprehensive record of their work experience and to get it signed of by the Supervisor, as required.
  • The authority to sign Trainee and Technician pyrotechnic work records.
  • To help and advise Technicians and Trainees as and when possible.
  • Pyrotechnic Senior Technicians should have a comprehensive and practical knowledge of the different types of factory made pyrotechnics commercially available to be fully aware of their strengths, physical capabilities and visual aspects of these and any other explosive materials and/or devices to be used.

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