Our Gimbal can Rock a Boat or Fly a Plane

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Whatever movement is required for an action prop, be it a rocking ship or rolling a car, our gimbal can ensure that precise movement is conveyed on screen. Our gimbal is a hydraulic motion platform that utilises sensors and multiple axes to neutralise external movements and vibrations, ensuring smooth and stable footage without camera shake.

Ideal for dynamic film sets and capable of flawless operation even under water, this gimbal features a 30ft x 20ft flat top platform that can tilt 15 degrees in all directions. It is equipped with four cylinders that control motion in the up, down, pitch, and roll axes, powered by two axial piston pumps.

Operated via a manual joystick system, the setup includes a 25 hp hydraulic pump, hoses, joystick control, and outrigger I-beams to ensure stability. The Hydraulic Power Unit delivers 100 HP at 460 VAC 3 Phase and includes a step-up transformer for use with 208 VAC 3 Phase, consuming a full 400 AMP circuit. When properly assembled and used, the tilting platform can safely support a load of up to 23 tonnes.

Transporting and Assembling the Gimbal

Transported on a lorry trailer, a 12m Telehandler is necessary for unloading, positioning, and disassembling the equipment at the end of the project.

Typically, the base requires three days for assembly and testing upon arrival at the stage. Factors such as the location of the base, availability of electricity, and other logistics can influence setup time. Dimensions and CAD drawings are available upon request.

The Gimbal has been utilised in various projects, including “James Bond”, “Moonfleet”, “Last Breath”, “Doctor Who”, as well as “Hunter Killer” and “Das Boot”.

Check out the video below to see the Gimbal in action:

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