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Danny Hargreaves is the Founder and Company Director of Real SFX. He is central to the business’ operations, taking a pivotal role in all of our special effects projects.

Danny embarked on his journey in the special effects industry back in 1994, starting as a Trainee SFX Technician on prominent TV and film productions such as “London’s Burning”, “Soldier Soldier”, and “Sexy Beast”

His exceptional skill and dedication allowed him to rapidly climb the ranks of the industry, establishing himself as one of the UK’s most esteemed and in-demand SFX supervisors.

Real SFX Enters the Scene

In 2008, he utilised his skills to create Real SFX, marking a focal turn in his career towards innovation and leadership in his field. 

Soon after the birth of Real SFX, Danny became one of the youngest BECTU-graded TV Supervisors and a full member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers warning him the title IExpE.

At Real SFX, Danny has been instrumental in revolutionising the British TV and film industry. His expertise has contributed to blockbuster projects such as “Star Wars” and critically acclaimed films like “Free Fire” by Ben Wheatley

His collaborative efforts with iconic directors like Danny Boyle, Ken Loach, and George Lucas highlight his status as a trusted expert in his field. Danny’s influence extends to dynamic live action shows including “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour”, as well as beloved TV dramas like “Peaky Blinders” and “Doctor Who”.

Under Danny’s leadership, Real SFX has garnered extensive acclaim, earning a Creative Arts Emmy Award for their work on “Sherlock”, multiple Royal Television Society awards, and numerous BAFTA Craft and BAFTA Cymru awards

Their groundbreaking work on the “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary Special not only set a Guinness World Record for the largest simulcast of a TV drama. This led to an invitation for Danny to meet the Royal family at Buckingham Palace. Real SFX were brought back in to provide effects for the highly-anticipated “Doctor Who” 60th Anniversary.

Other achievements include completing the final series of “Peaky Blinders”, as well as major films like “Expendables 4”, showcasing his relentless drive and innovative approach to special effects. 

Danny remains committed to delivering unparalleled quality and originality, ensuring Real SFX remains at the cutting edge of the industry. 

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