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Real SFX offers the flexibility to provide custom-built effects tailored to specific production requirements.

If we don’t have a pre-existing solution, our onsite team of skilled craftsmen and engineers is prepared to construct any rig or mechanism to meet the unique needs of your production. 

Collaborating closely with production teams, we ensure that the final product perfectly aligns with the envisioned effect, working as an extension of your team to ensure the desired outcome on screen.

Our capabilities span a broad spectrum of special effects, from launching arrows to engineering collapsing floors. Each effect is meticulously designed and crafted to match the precise specifications requested by our clients. 

Leveraging our expertise and proven craftsmanship, our team produces a diverse array of rigs and mechanisms suitable for a wide variety of applications in film, television, and theatre. This bespoke approach ensures that every effect not only enhances the visual storytelling but does so with safety and precision at the forefront.

Specialists in Moving Sets

The Real SFX team is heavily in demand by productions in need of moving sets.

By creating flexible, bespoke solutions, we can create the motion your narrative needs to move forward (or backwards…..or sideways). Our experienced team, paired with our advanced equipment, means no moving set vision is out of reach. 


Custom Built Effects - Behind the Scenes

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Sherlock Series 4 - Real SFX Room Tip Rig

Behind the Scenes
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Sherlock Series 4 - Real SFX Plane Rig

Behind the Scenes
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Sherlock - Real SFX Shatter Glass Effects

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